The Brodhead School District really has not learned it’s lesson.

They took this approach the  last time they faced a budget crisis.   Threatening to cut all electives.  That will not work they saw what happened the last time.  They had kids attempt to leave through open enrollment in the dozens.   Threats are not going to work on this community.  A SMALL town with about the same enrollment as Evansville.

They said they lost more than 1 million dollars in state aid in the last two years.  That is a lot of money and would have a negative effect on any district.

What I would love to know is how many students has the Brodhead School District gotten   through open enrollment?   I know for a fact they have got quite a few students from the Orfordville district in the last few years.  That should be to Brodhead’s benefit as the tax base really is not that much different between the two towns.

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