Evansville School Board Meeting Tonight 01/14/2013

There are several things on tonight’s agenda that we should be paying attention to.

1.  Open enrollment is Feb4th- April 30th.  This time frame loses some of what it used to mean because students can now open enroll at any time during the year, under the exception application.  If you child enrolls during Feb 4th- April 30th 2013  your student would start next fall in their  new school if approved.    New laws have made it very hard for the residential school to deny applications.  Almost impossible.

*** IF you are denied during the Feb 4th- April 30th it is much easier to fight and appeal , than the rest of the year.

2.  They will discuss the administrative contracts and salaries.

NOW last year during budget talks the administrators dared to come to the school board suggesting slashing hours, pay and benefits of the teacher’s aides.   REALLY?

IF the administrators are going to suggest such things they better be ready to take a pay cut them selves.   Teacher’s aides play a very important role and they are treated not so nicely. They are not respected like they should be.   Often  the teacher aides do what the teacher’s refuse to do or claim they do not have the time to do.

WHAT I did not notice on this month’s agenda.  Some thing that is missing that has been there month after month.   Approval of open enrollment applications.   I had pointed out in a earlier post that students are leaving every month.   A couple of people suggested that they just automatically include that on the agenda anymore.   NO I do think so.   I think if we see it on there it’s because another student(s) has filed an application to leave the district.    The district is losing in their OWN estimation over 240,000.00 in money this year do to  students leaving.   Yet administration is yet to take it seriously.

What would you do with 240 thousand..????     I know what the school could do with some of that money.   IT’S not like they do not need that money.

IT is also Adult School Crossing Guard Recognition Week – January 14-18..    We still have a few but nearly as many as we used to.   But please remember to thank them if you see one!

IF you have issues you want to discuss with the school board , drop in at 6p.m. to discuss issues with them with out administration in attendance.  It’s nice they do this take advantage of it.


Board of Education Regular Meeting Agenda
Monday, January 14, 2013
6:30 p.m.
District Board and Training Center
340 Fair Street


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