Dom Capers needs to answer for Saturday night’s game.

Why did Dom Capers not have a plan to deal with Colin Kaepernick?

He had weeks to put together a defensive plan a to deal with this very elusive running quarterback.  It was embarrassing to think this was the same defense that the week before did  a excellent job containing Adrian Peterson.This  week they looked confused and lost out on the field.

The one problem that I’ve always had with Dom Capers is we never know which defense is going to show up from week to week.

Dom capers is a very good defensive coordinator he is very good.  But he has some definite weaknesses> I don’t understand why they cannot come up with some changes before halftime to help deal with Mr. Kaepernick.

But in all fairness that was not the only problem the Green Bay Packers had on Saturday night.  We had the interception we had the muffed punt, we cannot seem to move the ball like we should have , at times it looked as though we forgot how to tackle.  It looks like a different team than from the week before.  At times it looked like they were getting out-of-the-way of Kaepernick so he could run.

It was nice to see Donald Driver activated.   They had him on special teams?    Glad to see him out there but that was odd.. IT WAS VERY DISRESPECTFUL  they did not allow him to play in his last home game as a Packer.

Several of our key players also had the flu.  How many of us go to work with the flu?

We also have many things to be grateful for.  The  GREEN BAY PACKERS had a excellent season.  They made the play offs again.  They dominated the division.   Division champs again!

Next year will be a great year!  We have a team to be very proud of.

Go Packer’s!!!


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