School Board of School Employees Agreees unanimously to Pay Increases; Tales From Normal, Mn.: FICTION -The Observer Has it.

I am not sorry for saying this… Sandy Spanton Nelson running for school board is extremely unethical .

She should be a shamed but I am sure with her attitude she is not.

IF asked I am sure Judge Alisankus would tell you I bugged him for several years to run for school board.   After my last attempt to get him to run he explained he could not legally/ethically run for and be on the school board do to laws of those who already hold one public office. ( I hope I got that some what right.)   But the point is WHO would have known besides him?  I can tell you now not the majority of people in Evansville .   But HE knew and he knew it would be wrong.    Because he has ethics.

I would still love to see him run some day if he ever decides to give up being Judge.  But we can not afford to lose him as the city Judge either.

The Evansville Observer puts an interesting spin on it..

WE will continue to discuss the issue of  her running in the coming months.

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