Four running for Spring school board election.

There will be four people running for the spring school board election.  They are  Sandy Spanton Nelson, Kris Schmidt, Melissa Hammann, and Incumbent Eric Busse.

That’s is excellent amount of people running for school board, very impressive.

I feel very strongly that’s Melissa Hammann is the best candidate for the one school board opening.  Melissa and I do not see eye to eye on every issue.  There are several issues we’re really do not agree on.  Melissa is extremely knowledgeable about school board issues.  Everything from budget to programs.
She has gone to almost every school board meeting for years. She used to be on the school board.

The last time I knew it was not allowed for teachers to run for school board I would think that would also include school subs.

We have found Eric Busse to be a very ineffective school board member.  He needs to go.

We will be covering this election as it goes.


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