Earlier Alcohol sales approved.



The Evansville City Council approved earlier alcohol sales for the City of  Evansville starting next week.   People who like their booze early can now buy as early as 6 a.m. Before this it has been 9 a.m..

I take issue with the article written by the representative for B.A.S.E.    I my self am not a drinker,  not really.   I will have an occasional drink but not at 6 a.m.

How ever B.A.S.E. was formed to fight under age drinking.  That is it’s purpose.    I used to go to the meetings.   I remember the Mission Statement.

But in the article Jennifer Braun wrote for last week’s Review she went after the rights of grown adults and what time they should or should not be allowed to buy alcohol.

B.A.S.E. needs to stick with what it was founded for and follow it’s mission statement.   She over stepped on this issue.    We are talking about grown adults.

What changes has B.A.S.E. really brought to Evansville?   It has brought more awareness to under age drinking.   How ever the kids are drinking  just as much as they did five years ago.  They are just more careful about it with their parties.

They are starting to drink just as early , as shown by recent events at the Junior High.

So B.A.S.E. you need to continue to work on the issues you were founded on and leave the adults alone.

IF they had not allowed this,  the next thing they would be trying to regulate is what time we buy our milk in the morning.



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