The Packer’s ROLL all over the Vikings

I am so excited about the Packer WIN!!!! WE would have kicked the vikings asx with or with out ponder! There was no way Ponder and clearly Joe Webb were going to keep up with the best QB in the NFL on his home field.

AS for Jarod Allen YOU are old, over rated, arrogant and an asx! So glad to see you going home where you belong!!!! There was a lot of arrogance last night pre-game from their head coach to the players so it made the win even sweeter. They have never been as good as they seem to think they are, without AP, they have nothing. Good job by the Packer’s last night putting a stop to him.

I am very sad about Donald Driver. Seeing him on the side line in street cloths, knowing that will probably be the last time we see Donald on the Packer’s side line in Green Bay. He is just a class act, a great player, and to top it off very good looking man, gorgeous smile! I am really going to miss him, great if he has one more year but I just do not think he will. He will be missed!



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