That darn word processor – communication from school district.

What I found amusing is when I copy and pasted Scott Everson’s email into the word processor it found many errors and things it did not like.

The same thing when I copy and pasted the school board agenda,  many errors and things it did not like.     I left things as they had written them , did not make the changes the word processor suggested as these things are coming from a school.    They know how to write, right?

Some times the word processor makes goofy suggestions ,  or wants me to use a word that makes no sense at all in the sentence it flagged.

Often I hear people talk about the Evansville Reviews poor grammar or spelling.   People asking if they really do not proof read.  How they could put that in print with so many errors.   It’s suppose to be a news paper.     We expect better.    The Janesville Gazette is worse.

But word processor’s do not catch every thing,  and some times they are uncertain about what word would be proper.

But I just laughed when it picked up errors and things it did not find proper from communication from the school district.

No man or machine is perfect and this just went to prove that.



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