Neighbor disputes account of shooting Neighbor saw no need for officer to open fire, killing Paul Heenan

Exactly!!!!!!!! Some thing did not sound right about this so-called police officer’s story from the beginning.  I am basing those thoughts on the fact this is not the first time this police officer has been abusive , has been trigger happy.     He murdered this young man for NO reason.

The neighbor made it clear , it was O.K.   He hollered at this police officer that it was his neighbor, but this so-called police officer ignored him.    But this police officer shot and killed this kid anyway.

The  neighbor states that Heenan was 5-6 feet away from the officer when he was shot.   Really?  Grabbed for his gun from 5-6  feet away?    O Malley the neighbor also states he never saw Heenan grab for the officer’s gun.   Not only was he 5-6 feet away,  his hands were down at his side when he was shot.  He was not making any threatening motion.

But now Megan wonders if the neighborhood will be the same. “I feel terrible that I called the police,” she said. “I wouldn’t call them again.”

Below is a part of the article.  Harlowe is the attorney for the OMalley’s .

” Harlowe, a former Dane County district attorney, does not disagree with Ozanne’s decision not to bring criminal charges against Heimsness, given the standard of proof that a successful prosecution would require. But he believes that the factual issues being raised by his client merit public attention.

“What he has to say is important,” Harlowe said. “We simply cannot become inured to the idea of unarmed people being shot without considerable public scrutiny.” He said the police and district attorney’s office “are doing the best they can, but the public should also have the facts and judge for itself.”

He added that O’Malley “didn’t ask to be involved in this,” and was coming forward out of a sense of civic and moral obligation. “He just wants to do the right thing.”

Now it’s time for Chief Wray to do the right thing and fire this SO called police officer.


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