Janesville school district considers incentive pay



“The new system would rate administrators on skills, ability, and performance, and not award pay increases based on experience. District spokesman Keith Pennington said if all 35 administrators received the full 6 percent it would cost about $200,000 per year.”


WHY would any one get a raise based on experience?  One is often hired based on experience.   But any raises given after hired should be based on, skills, ability, and what one has accomplished.   Stunning that is how they have awarded pay increases.

Teacher’s will be next for incentive pay.   It is just a matter of time as President Obama has put this into his education plan.  Schools who put into place merit pay, will receive more federal funds.  It will happen at all schools eventually, even those schools who are very resistant at this point.  Because they have no money,  funding is not going to change any time soon if at all.

Amazing how these schools run,  and then they complain about having no money.





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