The Evansville Observer has it.. Judge dismisses lawsuit against Evansville officer.



I wonder if pictures were ever taken of Scott Fields vehicle after the accident involving Dane Wourms.    If the Wourms family is correct than Scott Fields will have to live with him self for the rest of his life for what he did.

This attorney handling the case for the Wourms family,   I swear he is the same attorney that was hired by Paul Heenan’s family.  The young man who was unarmed and shot by a cop in Madison, Wisconsin.


I do hope the Wourms family can find some peace, has found some peace.   Dane was a very good kid.   Always the smile,  always willing to help.

I often wonder what he would be doing today.   I do not think any of us who knew him do not wonder that.   He would have been successful with most any thing he did.


Just a great kid!



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