Safety in Evansville Schools

Did you receive the letter from Jerry Roth?   Our fearless leader and superintendent?   He sent out a letter via email after Friday’s shootings in Newtown, CT. about safety in the Evansville school district.

It was a nice , informative letter.      It was things most of us already knew.

The fact is .   This shooter in CT.  DID NOT walk through the front doors.   NO ONE let him in.  He shot a window to gain access to the school.

HE was determined to do this.   This school had a good security plan.

We also now know that this shooter’s mother DID NOT work at the school as was first reported.

SO why did he target that school?   NOT that it was have explained much if  his mother had.

I think Evansville schools are about as safe as they can be.  I would LOVE to see security camera’s on the out side of the school.    I would love to see them lock all doors during the day including the one’s to the office area and make people have to buzz to get in.

But  I keep reminding my self that in the end that did this school in Newtown no good.

I am in awe of the fact that someone in the school’s front office thought to turn on the intercom system.   It is true that those other teacher’s and students heard the horror of what was happening , but it also saved lives.    That was a brilliant move by who ever did that.

Those teacher’s who gave their lives ,  and those who saved many lives by locking their students in bathrooms or closets.   They are true hero’s.

I have looked many times at the pictures .  The picture I attached to this post says it all.   Pure Grief.    The picture  of  Carlee Soto .   She came to the school fearing for the life of her sister, Victoria Soto and the children.   Her sister died , Victoria Soto died protecting her students. 8277061600_3434c6ce74 Jillian SotoJust pure grief.    I do not think there is one of us who can even begin to imagine.

Our thoughts and prays will continue to be with all touched by this tragedy.     We would ask that if you ever hear some one make an off comment about endangering others.  Do not think it’s just a joke or they are just kidding around.    Report it to local authority’s because you never know,  let the police decide what is a real threat and what is not.

It is well past time to get some gun control in this country and from President Obama’s speech last night that sounds exactly like what he intends to do.


I apologize for having the incorrect name mentioned in this post.  The picture is of Carlee Soto , not Jillian.   I was only going with what was reported at the time.  I am also not the one who put the comments ,including name on the photo so I can not change that.  Thank you to one of our reader’s for bringing this to our attention.

It’s sad how much mis- information is out there about this tragedy..

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  1. That is actually Carlee Soto, not Jillian.

    • chasinthenews Says:

      I read that in another article last night. I was not the one who tagged the photo. Who ever took the picture I am assuming tagged it.


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