I have cheered for Mason Crosby.

Mason Crosby has been with the Packer’s since 2007.   He has given us many good years and kicks.     In turn I think Mike McCarthy and Packer Fans have been more than patient with him this year.

I feel bad for him because being a kicker is not easy.   I could not do it , could you?

However this year I find my self saying a little pray before he kicks any thing.

There is just something in his head this year that he can not shake.

I think the Packers, Mike McCarthy seriously have to look at bringing in a kicker,  now,  before the play offs.   We can not lose a play off game , because our kicker is in a ” slump” .

The way Packer’s like to play close games  a game may come down to a field goal.    I  at this point would not want Mason Crosby kicking that 3 pointer in a play off game.

We are lucky he has not cost a game yet and that may be why McCarthy has not done any thing yet.    But did you notice McCarthy’s body language on the side line after Mason missed the second kick yesterday?   I think his patience may be gone.

Did you also see Jay Cutler’s temper tantrum on the side line yesterday after he threw that interception?  I forgot for a minute that Jay Cutler is a grown man and a professional football player.


The good news is the PACKER”S beat Chicago again . We won the division.  AGAIN.

GO Packer’s !!!

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