Milton Superintendent resigns.

So these grown employee’s were uncomfortable?    Uncomfortable things happen all the time but most people do not try to ruin some one’s career because they are uncomfortable.

Was he grabbing someone ?   Was he leering at anyone , after looking at this photo.    Did he compare someone’s ” assets”  to another person’s ” assets.”  ?    These are grown ups we are talking about  right?

ON THE flip side.   Rules are rules.   He may have done it innocently enough but rules are rules.It also make us wonder if there were not some other issues going on and these ” employees” took advantage of this situation to try to get rid of him.

He makes out quite well.  Full pay and benefits until the end of the year.   That must be really nice,  PLUS a severance package?

I thought when one resigns , they resign.    Just like if someone quits they are not normally eligible for unemployment.

He will do just fine and continue his nice vacation on the tax payer dime.

Does everyone remember the Janesville School District having the same problem a couple years ago.  John Walczak resigned and received a nice pay out from the district.


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