Domestic Violence touches the K.C. Chiefs Family.

Lets call it what it is.  Domestic Violence.

It is true Jovon Belcher was their friend and team-mate.     It is very sad and my prays go out to all involved.

I hope they never forget what is.    Domestic violence.

There is a very sweet baby now with no parents.

Why when people want to take their own lives do they feel the need to take others with them?

After reading a few comments from Romeo Crennel he at least knew of some issues.   That he had talked to Jovan and trying to work with him on some things.

I listened to some of the post game comments from Brady Quinn and he I think nailed it when he said” When you ask some one how are you doing?   Do you really mean it?  “When they answer you back  are they being honest?  ”

That is true how many times during our day do we ask someone how they are doing?    How often do we really stop to follow-up with that question?

It is very sad for the K.C. Chiefs family,  for the Jovan Belcher family , and for the Perkins family.


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