J.C. Mckenna students will not leave the booze at home, SO NO more soft sided water bottles.

We received  a robo-call from Mr. Flaherty this Saturday stating because of poor choices by some students.     Any student who wants to bring a water bottle now has to have a hard-sided clear water bottle.

NO more cheap , crinkly plastic bottles,  NO more colored water bottles.

GOOD GRIEF parents   LOCK up your booze!!!!   Get your head out of your axx.

YOUR kids are drinking YOUR booze!!!!!     NOT only are they drinking it they are taking it to school!!!!

The other issue is the cheap disposable water bottles that you can buy with water already in them,   they crinkle too much during class time and drive people nuts.

But the question is if some of these kids have a buzz going on at school from drinking from their booze filled bottles do they really notice the crinkling of the water bottles?
JUST very sad.

LOCK up the booze.


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