Will You Pay For Access to the Janesville Gazette website?


Evidently the Janesville Gazette is going to start charging for access to their website.   Really?   Do they really think  people will pay for that ?

I am sure they will get a few people who will.  But why would you when Channel 3000 does such a better job covering Rock County than the Gazette .   I admit it is sad that a Madison media covers Janesville and Rock County better than the Gazette.   At this time Channel 3000 is still free to view,  even if it was not I would pay a small fee to their website.

I would never pay for the Gazette newspaper or pay to go to their website.   Channel 3000 has over and over covered things in Rock County well before the Gazette.  Even on more serious issues they have covered it before the Gazette.

The Gazette is just an inferior paper over all.  The reporting tends to be crap.   They do not send reporters to school board meetings or city meetings anymore, just take the press release and add a few things to it.

It’s just not a worthy paper.  They like to think they are one of the big boys when it comes to journalism , more like a big joke.

I think you will find the majority of the time when it comes to local news I post the channel 3000 links..  they do it first and better.

So let them go a head and charge they will soon find they are not all that they think they are.


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