Melissa has some interesting stuff!!

Melissa has posted about the board meeting on Monday night.    She mentions that we are going to get less state aid than what was predicted in July.

I was excited to think they were not getting less money than last year.    I would not want to be the people who try to ” predict” how much money they think they might get.

She also posts about how the school did on the report cards that were released this last week.   I think Evansville needs to be careful not to compare it self to other districts.

It does no one any good to have the line of thought  ” at least we do not suck like the district over there.”      Evansville needs to worry about it self and improving in the areas it  needs to improve in.   The Evansville School district did o.k.,    they did not do great.  DOING GREAT would have been scoring 83% or higher.  They are holding their own.

As for the high school scoring what it did.   They only have one class to worry about.    I would question WHAT happens after these sophomores take the W.K.C.E.  and move on to be Juniors and Seniors.   Who is watching for how well they do then?   They spend so much time getting them ready for the W.K.C.E. in the sophomore year.  What about after then?

So the scoring is really not fair at the high school level as they have one class to get ready,  and the J.C.McKenna has three!!!   So for those at high school really keep your jumping up and down to a low roar as it does not mean much when you have one class.  I bet Mr.Flaherty would only like to have to worry about one class.  

Scott Everson should also be thanking those at the Junior High for making his job easier.

I would urge you to read Melissa’s articles in the Evansville Review as she goes into much more detail than on the blog.   As I was reading her article I was going along high lighting things and then what back and read it again.   There is a lot of information in her articles.     She spends a lot of time doing this and for that we thank her.



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