Report Cards are here!!!!! Check out the Evansville School District’s report cards!!!!!

They actually did well!!!!

I was disappointed to see J.C. Mckenna and Levi Lenard are only doing what they have to do.   Basically getting a C.    They are at least not below exceptions.

The high school and T.R.I.S.  are above average.

HOW EVER  keep in mind that the  HIGH SCHOOL only has one grade the 10th grade that take the W.K.C.E. so they have it easier than the other schools in our district. .

Achievement gaps need to be worked on at all the schools.

Levi Lenard/ J.C. Mckenna/T.R.I.S.   and the high school all need to work on this area.

Closing the achievement gap is some thing all schools struggle with and are trying to find a way to close.

It would be nice to see the Junior High and Levi Lenard doing better , but over all for our district not bad.

BUT if we grade our schools like they grade our students.   NOT one of the schools in getting a A or B.

They are all in the 70s range..  which is a C  for our district..   NOT so good if you look at it like that.

It is concerning that J.C. Mckenna is so close to a D.

These results are based partially from  W.K.C.E. testing.

But no D’s or F’s !!!!!  Yippee!!!!

Take a look for your self.

Melissa also has some articles in the Evansville Review regarding changes and report cards.     She does a good job explaining all the changes !!!!

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