romney Chased Obama Around Like A School Yard Bully.

If the debate had gone on for a half hour longer last night I think romney would have gone off the deep end.

He evidently did feel the rules do not apply to him.    He was very disrespectful of Candy Crowley.   She had to ask him to ” sit down” like he was a out of control child.

He asked President Obama a direct question which they are not allowed to do.

He got smacked for his incorrect comments over the Libya  and what President Obama said.

President Obama hit the home run with his closing comments when he got in the 47%  comments.  That was romney’s own fault he opened the door for it when he tried to say he cares about 100% of American’s .     Bull crap he does.

People like romney may agree to the rules but 20 mins into it, they throw the rules out the window.

The real Mitt Romney emerged last night: A rude, bullying, abrasive snot who has been spoiled and pampered his entire life and who just doesn’t like it when he is told to play by the rules.

Through out the whole debate all I kept seeing was the acts of a bully and a man who is use to getting his way and will run roughshod over anyone who gets in his way, a man who is not diplomatic and will not make a good president, and I’m not talking about President Obama. Gov. Romney has given us a window on how he will govern this country, he will run roughshod over the leaders of other countries, and diplomacy will suffer all around the world. I actually think he will be worse than Bush the lesser, although Bush wasn’t very diplomatic, he wasn’t because he was ignorant, Romney on the other hand, is just a bully and will do things to make or allies hate us. Romney is the kind of man who would start a world war because it would make him money.


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