Evansville School Districts to receive MORE aid this year.

Evansville is one of the fortunate schools that will be receiving more aid this year.   We are getting  an increase of 1.56% over last year.

They will be getting a grand total of   $  11,937,387  for the 2012-2013 year.     The 2011-2012 year they received  $ 11,754,197.

I spoke with a Patrick Gasper at the Wisconsin D.P.I. and he said the school funding formula is very old.  But three of the main things they look at when deciding how much each district gets is
enrollment, property values and how much a district spends on education.

They may not be getting a lot more this year but should be very grateful they are not getting less.

Click on the link from the D.P.I. website that lists how much each school from around the state received.


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