Wild Weekend Our Block Was On Fire!!!!

On Friday night I had snoozed for around two hours.   When some thing woke me up!

I looked at the clock it said 11:30 P.M.

I could hear sirens and horns honking ..

I jumped out of bed  saying to my husband   ” Oh my gosh there must be a huge fire,  the block must be on fire!”     He continued to snore.

I went out to the living room where the kids were watching a movie with friends.

” What is going on ”      I asked .   As I could see no smoke or fire out the windows.

” the football team won.”    one of my kid’s friends said.

REALLY !!@@@!!!!! FLIPPIN @!!!  Flying Cats!!!!

The football team won.   Wow.     The football team won and our police department/fire department?  felt  it was proper to go through town
with sirens blaring,  people honking horns   and people screaming at 11:30 blinking P.M.

WHO did they think was going to be up to witness this fiasco?   ONLY the people who you woke up and  some teenagers who do not have to be up at 6:00 a.m.
( O.K. and the drunks at the bars)

SO if this how our tax money is used by our police/fire department?    Do they really have that much time on their hands?     Maybe then we are over staffed at our local p.d.

Some one also told me the Soccer team won.    So it does not matter what this fiasco was about football or soccer it was inappropriate for this time of night.

It’s nice they won but the behavior was unacceptable and the adults should be ashamed.

ANY ONE else who had done that the police would have pulled them over and ticketing for disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct!!

Have your celebration but during daylight.

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