The romney/ryan administration would make abortions illegal except in cases of..paul ryan not pro-choice.

The romney/ryan ticket would make abortion illegal except in the case of rape, and danger to the mother’s life last night.

That is what paul ryan said last night.    I am so glad he finally just said it.   Because women throughout the country have waited for the truth to be told.

Evidently ryan has not checked with his boss.  Because romney claims there would be no legislation making abortions illegal.

women do not like the romney/ryan ticket any way and this will push the undecided away from the romeny/ryan ticket.

I have a friend who is a strong catholic and even she is pro-choice.    She would never choose to have an abortion but she does not want to see anyone else’s rights taken away just because she would not do it.

MEN, other than a woman’s doctor do not get to have a say in women’s health care and the choices they make.

BIDEN so ruled ryan last night.     ryan looked like a fool trying to talk about Afghanistan.   He embarrassed him self.

Loved it last when the stimulus money got brought up,  Biden reminded paul ryan and the entire country that ryan asked for and received stimulus money.   Now ryan tries to say what a bad thing it is.. good try he is fooling no one.


After all the water that ryan drank last night, Depends plans on contacting him about being their spokesman.


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