Evansville School Board declines to re-open contract talks.

Regardless of what side you are on in the union debate.   This is the best plan for now.

J.B. Van Hollen may very well get his stay.   Regardless until the court makes a final ruling on this there is no reason to change a thing.

The back and forth is just ridiculous.    I would hate to be on any school board trying to figure this all out and what it means.

They did consult with district councel. .    They were informed that none of the other districts this firm represents had agreed to re-enter contract negotiations either.

Jerry Roth stated ” Each of these employee groups felt an urgency to open contracts due to Judge Colas”   I am sure they did.   They were trying to take advantage of  a situation

before there is a resolution to it.


It’s almost like the Packer’s trying to get up to the line and get a play off before the earlier play can be reviewed or a challenge flag thrown.

Sneaky but some times effective.

Please read more about this in this week’s Review.    Melissa did a nice job on the story.


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