October 8th school board packet.

oct 8 packet      Click on link.

Once again another student is leaving the Evansville school district through open enrollment.    I know of another student whose application will go before the board next month.  That is money walking out the doors of our schools.   Because Evansville can not seem to get their stuff together.

I also read the administrators reports besides being somewhat dull and boring, it’s really to bad they do not apply what they say in these reports to their own daily activities.

By the end of the month there will be an online report card for all schools, administrators and teachers.    It will be posted on the D.P.I. website for all to see.

Where will you expect to find Evansville??    Are they listing each school separately?  We have more than one I would think they would be listed separately.   I think Evansville will be somewhere  between the middle and bottom of the pack.  It is supposed to be all schools in Wisconsin that is a lot of schools.    Being in the middle is not a good thing.   IT would mean you are only so , so.     But we will see.  Maybe we will be surprised.

IT also sounds like  Mr.Roth wants his ‘ fulltime’ employee’s to work full-time  40 hours  a week.     Imagine that being expected to work 40 hours a week , when you are already paid full-time wages.    Good for him.

It would make teacher’s more available to parents if they were there past 3:15…  anyone every try to track down a teacher before or after school???  NOT that easy.   They should have to stick around for at least until 4p.m.      HOW many of us work 35 hours a week but yet get paid for 40?

We will wait and see if any thing becomes of this.


Evansville also needs to improve its graduation rate from 85.7 to 92.    For the size of our school that is horrible number of kids who do not graduate.

They also to career and college readiness of students from 32% to 67% as measured by A.C.T.

Those are some huge goals.   IT’S sad that they have to go from 32% to 67%.   What have they been doing all along that they are that low to begin with.    They did this to them selves.



Take a look at the balance sheets.    I laughed at the food balance ..  because of course it’s in the positive being they are now charging for ketchup, salad dressing, mustard at the junior high.  Good grief how absolutely ridiculous.   Robbing kids all to make sure  of a profit.






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  1. I think the numbers you are quoting are statewide baselines. Evansville graduation rates are currently above 90%, although I believe the 32% judged college ready by ACT results is pretty close to where EHS is. That means how many people are ready in all subject areas of the ACT to take college rigor courses. So they have to perform as if ready to take non-remedial college classes in Math, Science, Language Arts AND Social Studies, or whatever the last segment is. The baseline defines what percent of students are ready in all 4 subject areas.

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