“Fired Big Bird” Responds to Romney.

romney wants Big Bird FIRED!!!!!

romney stated last night that he would cut funding to PBS!!!   Did you pick up on Romney’s LIES last night???  Did you see how when asked what LOOPHOLES he was going to close, he denied his own tax plan?  He denied it!!!   He lied over and over again!!!

As far as education he denied he would cut funding to schools , even after he was reminded there is video of him saying that.   HE also stated he would start a program where schools get a report card.  HELLO  that is already being done.    He needs to come up with new ideas not someone else’s.    But to fire Big Bird.  He should have been asked to leave the building immediately , then been escorted out!!!!

But to want to FIRE Big bird…   romney is just un-american for that comment.   What kind of person would fire Big Bird?


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