El Paso School District Rebuilds After Fraudulent Testing Practices By Administrators – Scott Everson Does This .. Evansville , Wis.

Scott Everson has the practice of making ” low performing” students disappear.    He makes life hell for them at the high school until they/their parents pull them.

I know of seven kids who left last year during the school year and they were all low performing.  Low performing but they were all kids who tried.

The one kid  I will call him Billy Bob was getting c’s and d’s at Evansville .  He know goes to Stoughton and has been getting all B’s this year.   It is a matter of not just the students attitude but the teachers and administration.

One of the parents who pulled their kid from the high school made the comment ”  Scott Everson’s plan for improving test scores is getting rid of the kids who do not do well.”

It looks to be true.    Just look at the kids who have left.



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