Beloit family suing school over spilled soup

A permanent disability?   I find that hard to believe.

My son spent a week at U.W. Hospital with 3rd degree burns on his hand and arm and he would never be able to declare it a disability.

Scars yes.  Disability no.

So should lunches now be served at the tables for kids?   There is only so much the school could do in this situation.

Does  Evansville schools serve soup?      I have never heard the kids talk about soup.   Maybe they do and I am sure if they do it’s HOT.

It is like the lady who sued McDonald’s because of the hot coffee.

What is silly is insurers companies will not just pay a claim when it comes to schools.  They expect the schools to fight it even though in most cases it ends up costing them as much or more in legal fees than if they just had paid the claim.

Good Grief.


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