Citizen questions governance of Evansville re Cats and Dogs– The Observer Has It!!!

So should a Evansville resident be allowed to groom cats and dogs in their home?    Evidently the State of Wisconsin says NO.   It is not legal..

Dog and Cat grooming can only be done  in a business setting and can not be done out of the home.     This is interesting because I know of someone who does this.

But this is someone who has always thought the laws apply to everyone , but her.     She complains about everyone else .   But she is actually breaking the law.

IF you want to do dog and cat grooming  rent a small place.

It’s not fair to those who have a legitimate business.  Who rent the store.   Who pay utility’s .  Who pay taxes for their business.   The people who do it the right way should get the business . Who do it the ethical and honest way.

The city has an ordinance against it.  So the city is also saying it’s not legal.

IF anyone knows of anyone who does this out of their home ,  report them to the city.

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  1. I know of a groomer in town who used to run her business out of her home, but takes the animals to a facility in Janesville now. The problem is not a straightforward one for me. I don’t know the specific details of the situation, only the impact it had on Big Sweeties, so do not read too much into my comment. The legal groomer in town formerly worked at Big Sweeties and established her own client list while working there. Then she established her own place and likely took many of Big Sweetie’s clients with her. We used to go to Big Sweeties and I saw the devastating effect the loss of grooming had on their business (we all know they closed soon after that). I am the kind of person who does not view this sort of client poaching behavior as “ethical or honest.” I only went to the other place once in an emergency before I found the home groomers. I’m sure others consider this story an example of capitalism in action and have no problem using the “real business.” Our dog has since passed and we don’t need a groomer for now, but I refuse to use the legal groomer in town on personal ethical grounds.

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