At Milton Middle School, every student, teacher gets an iPad



This is absolutely wonderful.   When I first saw the title of the article I wondered – O.K. how did they pay for these?

Simple.  Teachers set priorities and cut back on class room budgets to be able to afford these.

It would be very nice to see Evansville do the same .    Especially in some classes where they do not use text books much just paper packets.  Which is cheaper than buying new text books.

But having these all students could get access to the text books online, no need to buy new every few years.   Just a super idea on more than one level.   If Milton can afford to do this no reason Evansville could not if they tried.

Evansville not having these gives us the ” Little House on the Prairie ”  feel just way behind.

Come on Evansville do not let Milton leave you behind in their dust!!!!


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  1. When the Junior High has fund raisers such as the one they just did. Where does the money go? It clearly does not go for play ground equipment. It clearly does not go for field trips as we paid a ridiculous amount for our daughters field trip last year. They went to Mt.Olympus in June. But anyone could get free tickets during that time yet we paid 35.00 dollars. So clearly no money went for the field trip. Just where does this money go? To the teachers ? If that’s the case any fund raising money needs to be used for some thing we can all see not to just be tacked on to the teacher’s classroom budget. Leave it to Evansville schools to get smoked on this.

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