Talk Radio and Scott Walker


I was listening to talk radio yesterday.  There seems to be some agreement between the lawyers that Scott Walker did violate the constitution when it comes to collective bargaining.  How?  Because he targeted certain groups.  Like teachers and State Workers. .  He let certain groups keep their right to collective bargaining like police officers.  So some are being denied their rights.

What will happens  if the Supreme Court up holds the over turning of collective bargaining?   Walker would have to start all over again and try to get it pushed through again this time including police officers, fire fighters,  those who pick up our garbage.

The question would be would he have the votes to push it through?    No I do not think he would.   It’s walker’s own fault for only targeting certain groups.

I think J.B. Van Hollen should be granted a stay. He may not get it.  Because as long as there is a chance the ruling will be over turned.  The back and forth stuff is ridiculous.



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