Scott Walker fought the law and the law won?

First why does this not include state employee’s as well???  How odd is that.

Second  What a freaking nightmare for school boards.  They made their budgets based on this act 10…   It’s not like if this ruling stands walker is going to give more money to schools if any thing he will give less.   So many schools are going to be right back in that big hole they were in .

School boards were looking forward to maybe days of negotiations on teacher contracts not months.  Some one pointed out to me on Friday as well the Unions may be certified some anyway , but they are not organized.  They stopped collecting dues months ago.  They were not ready for this ruling.

It should be interesting if J.B. Van Hollen gets his STAY.

But I also am amused by the fact the two major things Scott Walker has done while in office have both been shot down by the courts.    The end of collective bargaining , and the voter id law.

I would say that makes him look like a fool and a failure.


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