Melissa gives good information on all students taking the A.C.T.

There are nine states that require the ACT as a graduation requirement. Those students who meet the “ACT graduation requirements” are included in the results for those states reporting 100% participation. Every year Wisconsin touts their “We’re number 1 (or 2 or 3), it cracks me up because nobody ever completes the sentence, “Among states with greater than 50% of our students taking the ACT.”

This darn thing posted before I was finished. These 10 states used the ACT for NCLB and no doubt used some kind of minimum achievement level to designate acceptable high school education has been attained. Only scores for students tested under ACT time restrictions were reported for ACT summaries at this link.

As with all states that have gradually added ACT as a measure of NCLB compliance, their average scores will see a plummet in the next years until the kids taking the test have gone through the more rigorous common core state standards being implemented in Wisconsin and in Evansville. North Dakota and Utah were late to the 100% bandwagon between 2010 and 2011. Their scores dropped by a point in 2012, but based on previous data from other states at it longer, they should begin to recover performance, but never quite come back to the previous achievement on the test. The good thing about ACT is that the common core state standards is aligned with the content and should prepare students for post secondary work or school wherever that will be.


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