Schools with out libraries

I was reading some sad things about the Chicago school system.

They have  160 schools that DO NOT have libraries.   How can a school not have a library?

They do not offer transportation for the students.    They need to offer transportation.  Most major city districts do offer some sort of transportation be it city buses or contracted buses.

I also heard on the radio today that many of the schools do not have play grounds.   What do these kids do for recess?

People are giving Rahm Emanuel a hard time for pushing for charter schools.    When a school district is in as deep  as the Chicago school district may be chartered schools are not such a bad idea.   Because quite simply the Chicago school district can not fix every thing that needs to be fixed.

The teacher‘s are really fighting about the teacher evaluations fearing as many as 6000 teacher’s could lose their jobs based on evaluations.  In other words ” please do not hold us accountable.”   They want things like homelessness, violence, poverty written into the terms of the contract regarding evaluations.

They want a 29% raise?? Are they kidding???  On top of the outrageous salaries some of them are already getting.  If they want more money they need to start showing results . Pronto.

They want more money and this district is almost 700 million in the hole.   Shame on them.

Wait until they have NO union.  That will be next.

I am sorry but you go to school to learn to teach.  You are taught how to deal with many different kinds of students and situations.   That is why we do not encourage the local burger flipper at McDonald’s to teach.   They do not have the training.

If teacher’s are just going to throw up their hands when confronted with challenges maybe they should not be teaching.


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