Bill Kills!


Bill Clinton just helped give President Obama another 4 years!   Did you watch his speech last night?


He just gets better and better as a public speaker.

He  talked about all the brazen lies the republicans threw at people last week.    He pointed out why the republicans are so very wrong, on so many issues.

He talked about how paul ryan‘s and romney’s budgets are clearly to the benefit of the rich.

He just did a great job , slaying all the false information the G.O.P. has put out there.

The Romney and Ryan have made it clear they do not care about the truth.  Even going as far to say ” the hell with fact checkers, we are going to say it any way.”


THEY brought on former employees of BAIN who gave very powerful testimony as to the character of romney.

They again hit hard on women’s rights last night.

It was just a huge night for the Democrats.



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