Look A Bus!!!! Plus sad observations from the first day of school!

HOW could anyone miss seeing something this BIG and BRIGHT while driving on a road?

But yet people do.

The bus can be sitting in the middle of the road .  Stopped.   Lights flashing and arm out.

YET here comes this car clearly going faster than the marked 25 mph.    The bus driver  does see  the car.  Yet it would seem as though the driver of the car does not see the bus.

The bus driver lays on the horn.

The driver of the car hits their breaks and gives the bus driver a dirty look.

Maybe if she had not been putting on her lipstick she might have noticed the bus sooner.

COME ON people.    Pay attention when driving.     We live on a very busy street as do  many others.

Many kids in our neighborhood who are getting on this bus.     Some of them cross this very busy street to get on the bus.

The kids trust people to stop.   But anyone on our route knows  you do not cross that street to get on the bus before you get the nod, or the wave from the bus driver.   Regardless of the bus being stopped and the lights on.   Because most of these kids have witnessed cars not stopping at one time or another.

THEN there is the issue of the CROSS WALKS.    When I took my son to school there were KIDS crossing the street in the cross walk.   The car ahead of me went right on through making the kids jump back and stop even though they were in the cross walk first.

IF someone is in the cross walks they have the right of way.   YOU stop for them.    That is the law.

WHO does not stop for kids in the cross walk?      I stopped and waited.    I always do.   I am not in that big of a hurry that I cannot wait a extra 30 seconds to let someone cross.

The other issue is KIDS not LOOKING before they cross the road.  Just darting out into the road and not evening looking.    There was a group of kids who we watched do that this morning.

Slow down, stop , take your time.

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