Jury gets drew peterson case.

The Drew Peterson case is set to go to jury today.   It has been a very crazy trial.   Some have called it a “ three ring circus.”

It is my opinion this Judge in this case truly disliked the prosecution from day one.

But the Prosecution did nothing to help it self either.

But they were playing from behind the entire time.

When Kathleen Savio was murdered it was first declared a “ accident.”  So the crime scene was never worked the way it should have been.

There is a lot of evidence never discovered because the police never looked.  They declared it an “accident” within the hour of being called.     Drew Peterson was at the crime scene the entire time.

As one former police officer who testified stated “ he controlled the scene.”

Yes he controlled the scene.    We now know he staged the scene.

IN the last two weeks the prosecution has done much better.   They have put on some very powerful, believable witness’s and experts.

IT is interesting to know that  Drew Peterson’s second wife testified at the grand jury that Drew on three different occasions  held a knife to her throat and  threatened to kill her and make it look like an accident.

He told Kathleen the same thing.

He told Stacy the same thing.

I think wife no.2 knows she is lucky to be alive today.  After being married to Drew.

The defense twice asked for the Judge to give a direct verdict.   He denied them both times.   The Judge even made the comment to the defense that “ a reasonable person could find Mr. Peterson guilty.”

The defense has been nothing but arrogant and obnoxious.

In Session interviewed a couple people who are familiar with the Stacy Peterson case, Drew’s 4th wife who is missing, who he murdered.

That stated that the Stacy Peterson case is a very active strong case and they believe Drew will be charged with Stacy’s murder regardless of the outcome of this case.

I truly hope this Jury is not a Casey Anthony jury and has some common sense.

I truly hope there is justice for Kathleen and Stacy.

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