IF you are going to do it. Go BIG not small.


I was talking with a soon to be former Evansville high school student yesterday.    She is a friend of my daughter’s.    I say soon to be a former E.H.S. student because she is taking advantage of the New Open Enrollment law and transferring out to Albany.

ALBANY??   of all places.     Albany is a nice school.    Nice people in Albany.

But if you are going to transfer out why not go to a larger school where they can offer even more than Evansville.

In all fairness Evansville does not offer that much more than Albany.   Which is really sad considering the size difference in schools.

Our daughter is going to be going to  Middleton- Cross Plains High School.     We had this planned well before I knew about the new law.

But since finding out about the new law  we have also looked at other schools.   The door is wide open now , she can go most any where she likes.    AS can any student from Evansville .


So if you are going to make the transfer why not go where more is offered?


But the transfers have started under this new law for Evansville .    This is the third student I have heard about this summer that is leaving E.H.S. behind.   Transferring else where.

This new law is terrific.      I have to wonder if in the end the number of Open Enrollment students will be about the same.   It’s just they will have the freedom to leave when they want no more waiting for open enrollment period.    No family should have to wait for that.

It very well could be Evansville ends up losing more students through open enrollment because of the flexibility.





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