Suspended teacher explains why she slapped student

It seems like just in the last year alone we have heard about so many cases  of  teacher’s acting irresponsibly.

This teacher has no business putting her hands on this student.

How ever.    I so could see a student speaking and acting this way towards a teacher.

Schools today really are much different from when even I went to school.

There is such disrespect shown to not just teacher’s but adults in general any more.

It may sound strange to say I believe her because I do not know her.   I only know her side of the story.

But I have heard the way some young people talk and some of them really do not have any respect for them selves or anyone else.

She should not have hit him.   She could have handled things differently.  Starting by not following him.  By not badgering him when she could clearly see the situation was escalating.

But she should not lose her job and this kid who talked to her like that should also have consequences.   He just had  absolutely no respect.   That is no more o.k. than her slapping him.

I hope she keeps her job.


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