Melissa posts about MAPS testing E.C.S.D. and Madison School Districts. Evansville just can not compete.

Our friends pulled their kids from E.C.S.D. after the school district failed them.  They have very bright kids.  The oldest is a Junior at U.W. Madison.   The twins are Juniors at Middleton Cross Plains.   The one twin is a high honors,  AP student.    The other has struggled but does receive average grades but works hard for his grades.   How ever while attending E.C.S.D. when he was in the third grade his parents were told by T.R.I.S. staff he was reading pre-kindergarten.

His parents researched, and studied different alternatives to help him with his difficulties .   They took him to many specialists.   They met with the school over and over trying to get them to carry out some thing that would have their child meet and succeed.   The district had no interest in doing any thing different from what they were doing.   After trying to get services for months for their child they moved to Middleton – Cross Plains school district.

The Middleton-Cross Plains school district embraced the challenge and had this child who when he got to Middle-Cross Plains school district was reading at a Pre- K level to reading at grade level within a year.

Middleton-Cross Plains  succeeded where Evansville failed and it was all about attitude and effort.

It has been a very positive experience for them at Middleton-Cross Plains School district not only has their child who struggled academically in Evansville succeeded , but their other two children have thrived and had advantage of more coarse choices, more AP choices , and better college prep.  Just over all a better school.


Then there is the family who has stated for years ” Evansville did not teach my children how to read.”   She took her kids to Madison for two years to a community program who taught her kids to read.  It was a free program she just had to get her kids there.   She tells anyone and everyone how Evansville schools did not teach her kids how to read, how the school failed them.

IT was not until W.K.C.E .   , and Evansville schools  bombing, failing in the reading category that they started adding extra reading classes. Support classes.   It used to be unless you were in special ed you did not get extra support in any thing.  W.K.C.E. changed that for Evansville.  Because they were/are failing.

IF it had not been for W.K.C.E. and the fear of losing money they never would have changed anything.   They never had before.


This year I went to a teacher at J.C.McKenna and got the run around when I asked about my son’s results on the W.K.C.E. .    I had informed him that I knew that the State of Wisconsin had dumbed down the test and I wanted to know where my son really was.  He was testing proficient but where was he really.

I basically got the run around and a bunch of double talk.   In the end they offered to test him much like they would for special ed testing.   I could have said yes, do that.  But I know  in the end it would not have made a difference.    They would not have done any thing differently than what they were.     It takes time and money to administer those tests and yes I would have felt guilty because I knew in the end nothing would change.


So Madison schools may not be perfect.    But compared to Evansville  they succeed where Evansville can not and does no

WHY is this????     I have had several people say to me in the last year alone that E.C.S.D. is to politically run.    I would have to agree.

No school is perfect.   But Evansville really lacks in so many places.     They did not used to.

But look at the W.K.C.E. test scores.. Maps scores.   They have a long way to go to get to where they used to be.

Achievement gap???   That is just sad but you are going to see that any where you go.   It’s just worse in some schools than others.

It is terrific that we basically now have Open Enrollment year round.   NO more putting up with poor, under performing schools.   No more waiting for schools to get more college/AP classes,  no more having your child harassed and bullied and having school stay ignore it and do nothing about it.

So many parents work out-of-town, not a problem to transport a child out-of-town for school.
The Evansville School District is so used to being in control and having families stuck in the district happy or not.   No more.   Those days are over.

Schools districts should have to compete with each other , it will either improve them or destroy them..    If it destroys them they were not much of a school to begin with.

No more having students in your classes just because they are stuck in your district.

They need to wake up and realize they can not take the attitude of  ” Oh well if they leave they leave.”   That is money walking out the door and the E.C.S.D. can not afford to lose a dime.


NO school is perfect but we as parents now have choices in order to get our child the best education possible.

Melissa has some very good points and observations about how Evansville uses it’s MAPS testing.


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