In Madison Schools Safety for ALL comes first. Time for Evansville to get with it.



As part of the hiring process for M.M.S.D.   all potential and current employees are required to be tested for TB.

YET Jerry Roth was worried about religious rights of  current and potential employee’s.


Time for Jerry Roth to quit worrying about what his friends/employees might think  and put the safety of the students first.

Evansville wants to act like they are a ‘big’ school they need to start playing like the big boys.



this is from the M.M.S. D. web page.


Applications are accepted online for these positions at any time. Once your application is complete, you will receive an email to complete an online assessment, called the Support InSight. Qualified candidates will be placed into an eligibility pool to be interviewed by school principals as openings arise that require experience and training similar to your background. You will interview with the principal of each school to which you are referred. Interview timelines vary, depending on the volume of applications we receive and the number of vacancies that arise.

The inital offer of employment from Human Resources is contingent upon completion of:

  • Candidate Disclosure Statement (part of our criminal record check process)
  • Fingerprinting (part of our criminal record check process)
  • Physical Exam, including TB test
  • License Application (SEAs must be licensed by the Deparment of Public Instruction)
  • State (W-T4) and Federal (W-4) Tax Withholding forms
  • Verification of Employment Eligibility (I9) form
  • Signed Application
  • Direct Deposit form

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  1. At the last meeting, the board once again addressed this policy. Mr. Roth noted that all candidates were required to have a physical/TB test and the clause regarding religious exclusion applied to current employees. Current employees appear to be excluded under the law, but must prove the religious affiliation, not just suddenly declare it. Mr. Hatfield was still not impressed. But the state law is in place that states that verbatim. The argument is with the legislature for allowing such a stupid exception. It has been recommended that the board bring this to the WASB as a resolution to force the legislature to reconsider their stupidity. Good luck with that!

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