Drew Peterson case finally under way.


I have followed this since his fourth wife Stacy Peterson went missing back in 2007.

I have been following the trial as much as one can with no camera’s allowed in the court room.

I was very disappointed in the prosecution in the first two days.   A mistrial was almost granted because of outrageous errors made by the prosecution.

The Judge was furious.

I have a bit of a problem with this Judge though.    Evidently he ran against the lead prosecutor for D.A. ?  and lost several years ago.    He does at times seem like he holds a grudge.

Some have called this Judge ” awful.”

The last couple of days the prosecution has done much better.   Witness after Witness  of Drew’s abuse of Kathleen Savio .    His threats,  the marks on her.

In the beginning of Kathleen SAvio‘s nightmare she tried calling the police to report Drew.  The records of police calls has been brought up.   Nothing was ever done.    Drew Peterson was a cop,  and we know bad cops protect bad cops.

Kathleen Savio’s  neighbors helped to install new locks on her house, and a deadbolt on the bedroom door.    Drew became very angry at the neighbors over this and confronted them.    AS the neighbor testified   ” he got Drew’s message loud and clear.  He found a 38 bullet standing point side up in his drive way. ”   There have been several witness’s who talked about Drew intimidating people.

“At issue: Pontarelli, Peterson’s former neighbor, testified Wednesday that he found a bullet on his driveway after he helped Kathleen Savio change her locks. He implied Peterson put it there as a threat because he didn’t want Pontarelli to help Savio after she and Peterson split up.”        This statement came darn close to causing a mistrial.    It was a problem because it was ruled earlier that the bullet found in the Pontarelli’s driveway could not be brought up because they could not prove where it came from.

In stead of granting a mistrial the Judge ruled that Pontarelli’s testimony be struck from the record, that the Jury was not to consider it.

How ever how do you un-ring that bell?    They are going to remember that statement no matter what.

Those in the court room said that when Pontarelli made that statement Drew Peterson went  white,  looked like he was going to be sick.

How ever if  a mistrial had been granted if I was the prosecution I would be asking for a new Judge.  It might have been to their benefit.     This Judge has been awful hard on the prosecution.

This same Judge has allowed in recent days some very important ” hear say” evidence in.    He has actually ruled for the prosecution a couple times in the last two days.   Shocking.

The defense has put on their witness list.   Stacy Peterson who has been missing since 2007.     That was foolish.   They thought they were being so smart.   IF they were to call her, and she clearly will not show because she is dead.   But if she were not to show up after being called,   that would open the door for the prosecution to bring up Stacy Peterson.    It was already ruled the prosecution could not bring up the fact his fourth wife was missing.    But the way it has been explained be the lawyers INSession has interviewed .  If the defense were foolish enough to call Stacy Peterson as an actual witness for the defense it would open the door for the prosecution to talk about her being missing.

This was just a very badly investigated death from the minute the police were called.   Kathleen Savio was found in a dry bathtub .   The coroner ruled it an accident that she had fallen.   A dry bath tub?   There were no clothes she had taken off  by the tub,  there were no clothes she was going to put on any where to be found by the tub.

A neighbor who found the body with Drew testified that when they found the body he made the comment to Drew  ”  weird no clothes , no towel, nothing.”    The neighbor left the room to bring the police up stairs when they got there.    When he and the police got upstairs  he noticed ” all of a sudden there was a towel on the edge of the tub.”   He testified it was not there when they first got there.

Drew Peterson had also told people that Kathleen Savio had been drinking wine and taking pills (anxiety/depression) and how she should not have been taking those with wine.   That was his ” guess ” as to what caused the fall.     HOWEVER the medical examiner found not trace of anything alcohol or pills in her system.    He claimed the wine glass was by the tub.   No wine glass was ever found by the tub by any neighbor or official .

IT was also stated that NO wine glasses were found any where that had recently been drank from.

The good stuff is yet to come.   The M.E. who did the second autopsy is yet to testify .


I do believe the priest who Stacy Peterson told she knew Drew had killed Kathleen is yet to testify.   Drew claims he was home all night the night Kathleen died.  But not long before Stacy disappeared Stacy went to her priest and told him that she woke up during the night and Drew was gone.  She heard him come in the house at some point and went down stairs to find him putting clothes into the washer.   As she told the priest  ” he never picks up his clothes, he has never washed clothes.”    Stacy knew that Drew had killed Kathleen.

Let me also state these clown lawyers Drew Peterson has are more like the 3 stooges.     Every time they are at a press conference are being interviewed they are wearing black sunglasses.

They also like to attack the victim.  Such class.





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