Ill. man, Wis. son accused of stomping puppy


Wisconsin and every state in the United States needs to have much tougher neglect/abuse laws.     Animals are people.   Our animals are our babies.

Animals of most any kind but especially dogs love unconditionally.   They are very loyal.   This poor baby puppy.   He must have been so scared.

No animal should ever have to endure this.

It is a very thin line between hurting/abusing animals  and hurting/killing people.

I hope these two get years and years in prison.    I would love to see this but realize it will probably never happen.

I have a classmate that has talked about getting a petition started asking our State Law makers to consider creating stiffer penalties for any one who intentionally hurts/abuses any animal.

She started working on this after that beautiful dog was found duct taped and thrown in a ditch to die.   She is quite politically active and I have also sent this article to her just another example of why Wisconsin needs stiffer penalties for such things.

Please contact your local lawmakers and urge them to create stronger laws and penalties regarding animal abuse and neglect.



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