THERE is a new law that has taken effect that Evansville school district officials would rather no one know about.   Parents can enroll their child in any district , at any time by applying for an exception to the deadline for the open enrollment.

The even better news is by applying for the exception to the deadline, you do have to give a reason such as

* the student has been a victim of a violent crime.

* the student has been the victim of bullying with out the school resolving it.

* the student is homeless

* custody issues.

The last one  is basically the parent and student want OUT of the current residential district.    The residential school would have to be able to PROVE it is not in the students best interest for the child not to go to the non-residential school.

Which both State officials and SCHOOL officials from around the state have said it would be VERY hard for the resident school to PROVE it’s not in the child’s best interest.

In other words,  IF a child wants to go to another district , at any time there is not stopping them.  My thought would be only if the non-resident school were to say they do not have room would there be a stop to it.    Highly unlikely in most cases.

THIS is great , super, news for parents all over the state and in EVANSVILLE in particular have wanted to get their kids out of the district.  NO more waiting for open enrollment periods.

IF you take your child out of the Evansville school district to go to a larger school ( MIDDLETON CROSS PLAINS, maybe)  there is no way Evansville is ever going to be able to prove it’s not in the child’s best interest.   NEVER>

The school is larger.. has more classes , yet keeps classes to 20 or fewer students in most classes.     Has more services .     Just a better deal.

The schools who worry about this or the schools who are not doing what they should be to begin with.

Evansville loses around 75-100 kids per year to open enrollment and parents making other arrangements for their kids to attend other schools.

Evansville should be very afraid and nervous about this change.


2 Responses to “WooHOO !!!!!!!! OPEN ENROLLMENT YEAR ROUND!!!!!!”

  1. Evansville schools – schools in general need to wake up and realize it’s over. Parents can now get the education their kids deserve. Families looking for more AP classes or families looking for more special services for their kids will be gone.
    Bigger schools can and will do more. Families looking for more college prep will be gone. Most parents work either in Madison or Janesville and have tried to tell the Evansville school district for years what their concerns were and were ignored.It will be no big deal to take their kids to school in Madison or Janesville on their way to work. The Evansville School District is going to get exactly what it deserves, declining enrollment.

  2. ben53536 Says:

    “It’s interesting to see the school officials ring their hands over this new law. They aren’t used to their “customers” having much choice. They like having all the control. Now they need to compete. Fortunately, school boards have Act 10 to help them compete. They won’t need to adhere to restrictive labor agreements that prevent them from being as flexible as they will need to be. Now they’ll be free to improve the competitiveness of their districts by eliminating poor and marginal employees without regard to seniority while being able to cut wasteful spending on overpayed employees who have virtually retired while still on active duty but have been protected by absurdly restrictive labor contracts.”

    I have to admit that quote is from comments on the Janesville Gazette. It’s just this guy put it so almost perfectly I wanted to share.

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