Massacre at Batman Movie in Aurora , Colorado.


WHY would someone do this?   How is someone so mis-wired they do some thing like this?

I do believe there is a special place in hexx for some one who does this.

These people at this showing thought at first it was part of the movie .

The shooter is in custody thank goodness.   What a coward he is,  he came in riot gear according to some reports.   A bullet proof vest,   riot helmet.     What a coward.

Our prays will be with all involved.


2 Responses to “Massacre at Batman Movie in Aurora , Colorado.”

  1. chasinthenews Says:

    germaniajim- I sent your comment to the trash where it belongs. WOW are you an angry person or what. Anyone who follows this blog knows I would never allow any one to use the N word on here in any form , no way! Then to try to blame this on President Obama. I voted for him, and will vote for him again. You are just a little to angry for my liking. You make those of us who are white look bad. Carry on with your racist ways but don’t bother leaving your comments here.

  2. chasinthenews Says:

    Once again, Wow. May I remind you the guy who did this is white!!! Very white. Your comments made no sense.

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