So george zimmerman he thinks his killing Trayvon was part of God’s plan.

LOCK HIM UP NOW.    This statement alone tells you he thinks he is above the law,  the law does not apply to him.   That he can do what ever he wants.   He is untouchable.  This guy is so damn arrogant it makes me want to barf.

I did not watch this interview I do not watch trash t.v. ( fox news) nor would I have watched it had it been a major network.  Because as long as george zimmerman is involved it’s trash t.v..

First  george zimmerman seems to feel he is superior to anyone who is not white.  The only problem with that is HE IS NOT WHITE. He thinks he is.   By his comments alone, and those interviewed by the D.A. and police several have come forward describing george as a racist.

He has also been described as a bully and an molester, molested a family member  for years according to recent reports that were released.

george thinks this was god’s will,  god’s plan that he shoot Trayvon.    Really?    What God does he worship?    Not mine.

george should be very nervous.   Two different cases in recent months have sent people to prison who tried to claim ” stand your ground.”   The one case the woman was justified, her abusive husband came a knocking.   She did not even shoot him , and she got sent to prison for twenty years.

The other is a Texas man who provoked his neighbors, much like george did to Trayvon.     That was man was sentenced to 40 years.

george stalked, provoked Trayvon and now wants to play the victim.

Lock him up.    He is a sociopath.

His story during this interview is different than what he first told police.  So which story is true?

He belongs in prison for a long time.


IT DOES not matter what race either george or Trayvon are, the fact is george zimmerman provoked and then killed Trayvon Martin an unarmed kid.  To prison he needs to go.

It’s to bad that Trayvon could not be interviewed.


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  1. He and Drew Peterson can share a cell in hell.

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