This Should Surprise Exactly Nobody…

I am very tired of our public schools failing our students.   Melissa has written of this several times.   Evansville is no exception to this.    Evansville really needs to clean house, get rid of the teacher’s who do not show results, and who do not strive to challenge their students.   Get rid of the teacher’s who blame everyone else but themselves.  But the attitude also has to change from the top down ( administration, hello Mr.Jerry Roth, and administration at the schools)  or Evansville will never get any better which is unacceptable.

We have spent many time, hours trying to either get answers or help and all we get is the run around.   I questioned a teacher at J.C.Mckenna this year.

I flat-out stated according to the W.K.C.E. test results my son is proficient,  but I frankly asked, ”  But where is he really because I know Wisconsin’s W.K.C.E. tests are bunk, or junk.”   I asked quite specifically where he stands and they could not give me an answer.   They just tried to blow me off.   AS they found I do not blow off easily.     Time for change Evansville citizens.

It’s your child,  it’s your taxes .. what do we want for the taxes we pay?

Please read Melissa’s article.


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