Melissa’s article this week. Regarding school board. Jerry Roth

I have heard from several people good, positive comments about Jerry Roth taking the helm.    Melissa points out in her article the positive changes she saw.

Everyone should be aware of a pending policy the school board is going to have to decide to pass or not.    It has to do with is employee’s should have to be tested for TB.  Why the heck would that not be required.  The school district is putting kids at risk by not making it mandatory that all employee’s by tested for TB.   How ever Jerry Roth does not think it’s necessary for employee’s to be tested.   Because they can opt out for religious reasons.   Jerry Roth is to worried about litigation/being sued by employees.

Well Mr.Jerry Roth what are you going to do when students get TB from someone at school, a school employee?   Then you will know what it means to be sued, again.  The school has the responsibility to protect the students,  not to worry about if the staff want to be tested or not, religious reasons or not.

IF certain employee’s do not want to be tested for disease  in particular TB, let them go work with the monkey’s at the zoo.  ( sorry you innocent little monkeys, paying the price for some people’s ignorance.)         Thank you to Dennis Hatfield and Nancy Hurley for not just passing this on through as is , for at least taking the time to learn more about the pending policy first.

The other issue is they only got slightly less than half of the surveys back that went out to people/kids who left the district through open enrollment.   The survey response rate was only 43.6%

That Mr.Jerry Roth is not a good response.  What about those other 22 families who did not return one.   I know of several families who did not.   They are done, disgusted with the district and have no interest in telling the district any thing.    Because before they made the move to remove their child through open enrollment they tried to tell the school board, they tried to tell administrators why they were unhappy and no one cared enough before they left, but now that they have , now the district wants to know why.



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