George Zimmerman out on bond AGAIN?

I do not blame the judge, he has to follow the law.    But most know the damage is done.   George and Shellie Zimmerman have been proven to be what they are , lying , deceitful people.   George Zimmerman’s credibility is shot, gone,  is no more, not that he had much to start with.

The fact the police did not believe him to begin with.   Did you watch the video they made of zimmie’s explanation of what happened?

The problem with him doing this is he lied.

He either lied in the video or he lied in the first police reports.   His story is different from in the first reports he gave police.

The doctor said in the medical reports, he had no injuries to the back of his head.  NONE.    He also refused to go to a specialist.   He had minimal injuries.

Former co-workers have come forward talking about what a racist he is, and a BULLY.

There is a very good reason the police dept he applied to never hired him.   He probably would never be able to get past the Psych. evaluation and they knew it.    He is a narcissist dog. ( I apologize to all dogs out there.)

He should be worried.

Texas just sent a main to prison for 40 years who tried to claim  ” stand your ground.”

How about the woman who claimed ” stand your ground.”  after her ex-husband broke a restraining order and came to her house to beat her , just like he had done for years.    She did not even shoot him, she shot into the ceiling and I believe she got 20 years.   She should have shot him.

I have to question if she was white,  would she be in prison now?  I really doubt it.

Zimmie boy should be very worried.

The simple fact is you can not provoke an attack, and then claim self-defense.

Zimmie boy belongs in prison,  and his wife stripped of what ever money remains from that defense fund, which more than likely there will not be any.


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