Fouth of July .

How was your 4th?   Hot?

I heard a lot of comments about the grilling ban.  There were many who did any way with the thought,  ” my property, just try to tell me not to.”    I know of a few who did grill and are continuing to.

I have two separate thoughts on this.  First,  It is to hot to grill!!  I had grilled a bit just to not have to turn on the oven.  Fortunately for me I have several different types of cooking devices I can use besides the stove and grill.  I will how ever not grill until we can some ran, and it’s not so hot!

But SERIOUSLY you do not put a burn ban on the city and then allow the LIONS to grill down at the park.  Where there is more chance of danger doing that than someone using their own personal grill.   There were a lot more people,  a bigger area of dying or dead grass.  There are more buildings.   I find it amusing their sales this year were not very good.   How do I know this?  Some of them talked about it after the fact, before the fireworks.  Talked about how many ” meals” were left and what and how they did with what was left.   I find it amusing because if there was that much of a :”danger’  they never should have been allowed to grill.    Is this town not a funny little town about who can do what?

I understand the burn ban,  I would hope people would know bonfires,  fire pit fires,,  bad idea.

IF there was also that much danger, they never should have allowed smoking in, and around the beer tent.  But people were.

I absolutely agree about the fireworks ban, for the only reason KIDS are not careful enough.

Evidently some adults either.  Did you hear about the woman over by Janesville who lit the Roman Candle in her car to entertain her child as they were stuck (ran out of gas.) along the road. What the heck was wrong with her?    She ended up throwing the candle out the car window when it did not light, but in fact it had enough spark to it that it started a grass fire.  People passing by stopped to try to push her vehicle out-of-the-way of the grass fire and it ended up rolling down the hill into the fire.    Just stupidity on her part.

We just have a strange little bedroom community , still the same old things it has always been certain people get away with certain things while others do not.


I do believe the reason the Lions had such poor sales is  it’s just to hot to eat hot food like that.   People are just not that hungry for some thing like that.

Strange little bedroom community.

*******    I will also add that when Channel 15 ran the notice about the burn ban,  that’s all it said nothing about grilling ban..  The burn ban notice though ran along the bottom of their screen. Just said  ” burn ban.”  nothing about fire works, nothing about grill ban.


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